Is Crypto Code a scam? Or is Cryptocode the method that can make you rich in a few days without doing anything at all? Are your dreams of glory, happiness and wealth about to come true thanks to this miraculous method of earning with cryptocurrencies?

Let’s start with the sad truth: Crypto Code won’t make you rich and won’t pay all your debts. On the contrary. Many of those who have been persuaded to entrust their money to Crypto Code have not only not paid their debts, but have lost everything.

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As we have written several times in the past, there is no way to get rich easily and quickly. Cryptocurrencies (or online trading in general) are not a shortcut: it is true, they can make a lot of money and there are many millionaires who have accumulated their assets through Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies or online trading. But these millionaires have not earned thanks to a miraculous method: they have taken effort, time, study.

What is Crypto Code?

Can we give two answers to the question what CryptoCode is? We can refer to Crypto Code’s promotional website or to reality. And the answer is completely different in both cases. If we just look at the Crypto Code website and the beautiful advertising video (really well done) then we can say that Crypto Code is a great way to solve all our financial problems. You don’t understand well how (but this is a secondary problem) in the end you just have to sign up, make a small cash deposit and after some time you will end up with the current account full of money. All economic problems will be solved and we will all live happily ever after.

Well, now back to reality and ask ourselves: what is Crypto Code? The answer can be obtained by examining the many independent reviews and opinions that can be found on the internet about Crypto Code. We have done it and the results have not been exciting. Basically all those who had the misfortune to deposit money lost it down to the last penny. Those who just sign up, without depositing anything, have received an impressive series of spam mails and phone calls (and phone calls eventually become threatening if you don’t give in to depositing).

Can we say that Crypto Code is a real scam? We can’t make this statement until the judiciary has pronounced a final sentence. What we can say with certainty, however, is that we do not recommend using Crypto Code: we know well that the judgments in Italy arrive with great delay, even if the complaints submitted to the judiciary are thousands (many of those who have lost everything have submitted the complaint) it will take at least 5 years for the judicial process to be completed. In any case, it is impossible for those responsible to be convicted or at least to return the maltoltoltolto since they operate from tax havens where the Italian judiciary can not get.

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