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This is our official review of the Crypto Code; we are happy to write this report after successfully testing the auto trading platform. My team and I had a great experience while using the features of this trading platform, and we didn’t experience any glitch. Crypto Code works, and it can be used by people in over 150 countries to start earning a passive income.

For everyone who has been trying to decide on a good auto trading platform for cryptocurrencies to use, please read this review to the end, there is so much to learn from our experience. We have tested the platform and believe it is 100% legit.

best choise
The best choice
☑ Bitcoin Code is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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To answer the questions I have been getting about our decision to test the Crypto Code, I observed something while reading about this auto trading platform, the positive reviews from current users are so many, so I decided to test it and confirm that it really works. As usual, my team and I came prepared for this project, with our analytical tools to test the Crypto Code.

What is Crypto Code?

What is Crypto Code?

Crypto Code is an auto trading platform for cryptocurrencies. It works with intelligent robots that can leverage the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market to detect earning opportunities and place trades for users. The platform is designed to perform trades automatically; this means everyone can benefit from the system without having to undergo lengthy formal training to gain special cryptocurrency trading techniques. The robots do everything for you.

Trading cryptocurrencies with automated trading platforms such as Crypto Code is also a great idea for experienced traders. There is a vast amount of content that cryptocurrency traders need to analyse daily while placing manual trades; it can be exhausting. With an auto trading platform such as Crypto Code, it is possible to earn more profits because the robots can analyse and process huge volume of data in seconds.

The official Crypto Code website hosts the auto trading platform. We spent many hours browsing the website and analysing all its features. We are happy to write in our report that it is one of the easiest platforms to use for auto trading. The website is responsive and has a simple layout that can be understood by all users. My attention was also drawn to the video clips on the website; these clips featured testimonials from happy account holders who discuss how their investment in auto trading has helped them overcome the drudgery of a 9 to 5 job.

On the platform, we discovered that there are real users who are earning as much as $3,000 every day. Who wouldn’t want this opportunity? Thankfully, we have confirmed that the website is accessible to all and everyone can start earning using Crypto Code.

There is an on-going promo on the website; the developers are running the Beta tests for Crypto Code. There is an open invitation to everyone who wants to give it a trial, and after our experience with the auto trading platform, we advise everyone reading this to come on board. We had to open a new Crypto Code account to test the system, and we are keeping it, yes, we became account holders because the system works so well.

Our interactions with the developers and administrators of Crypto Code and its operations revealed that a special cloud tech had been implemented in the auto trading system to ensure trading activities can be done nonstop on the platform. We analysed a sophisticated algorithm that works with the system, and our test results revealed that it could be used to process trading transactions in the cryptocurrency market much faster than anyone performing manual trades. As an experienced trader who has been trading manually for many years, I know how important it is to perform trades faster because the cryptocurrency prices can change in a second. The algorithm on this system is one of the reasons the Crypto Code has a very high success ratio, which we calculated to be 99.5%.

Tax-free profits on Crypto Code

We heard this as a rumor and had to confirm it during our review of the Crypto Code auto trading platform. Yes, the system is designed to offer all users daily a daily income as profit that is tax-free, however, considering that Crypto Code is available to users from all over the world; we know that the tax laws in different countries vary. And different conditions will apply to use an auto trading cryptocurrency platform. However, we can confirm that all users will earn and grow a passive income portfolio using Crypto Code; this means that after tax, you will have significant funds left to save or spend.

Is Crypto Code Legit? Yes it is

My team is made up of brilliant software engineers and traders like myself; we have tested all the features of Crypto Code and can confirm that it works. The brand is also legit and recognized by the authorities; how else can the platform be used in all parts of the world? We created a new account to test the system, made a deposit, and earned real money. We were also able to withdraw our profit without any problem, so yes; we can confidently inform our readers that Crypto Code is legit.

So many people have become very rich by trading in cryptocurrencies; I am one of them; this is the reason why I am so passionate about testing and finding auto trading platforms that really work. Everyone needs to come in and start trading, now with auto trading robots; you don’t need to do anything, simply make a deposit and the system does all the work. We have carefully planned a system to review as many cryptocurrency trading robots as we can because some of these websites are owned by scammers or faulty so they don’t work. My team and I will continue testing as many trading robots as we can to inform you of the legit platforms such as Crypto Code.

We have been able to trace and interact with the developers and admin team behind Crypto Code, they also have a live customer support system, and we know enough, after our tests to confirm that the platform is legit.

Is it safe to trade with Crypto Code?

Yes, during this review, we made a deposit and traded with Crypto Code and guess what, the system made a profit on our account after the first trading session. So it is safe for everyone to invest and start earning with Crypto Code. The process to open an account is simple; while we did this, we were not prompted to download any files or provide confidential information at any time.

We have written a summary of our findings during this review

  • Opening a new Crypto Code account is easy; we had our test account opened and ready for trading in less than ten minutes. We only needed to provide information such as full name, email address, and a phone number. After hitting the submit button, our new account was activated.
  •  Crypto Code offers new users a chance to study the system by using the demo trade feature; it is a replica of the real trading system, but without the use of real money. This is just to give users an idea of how their funds will be used to trade in the cryptocurrency market.
  • The minimum deposit users can make to start live trading is $250, and the highest deposit on the platform is $15,000, we made a test trade after depositing $250, and it ended very well. We advise new users to start with the minimum deposit and grow their investment.

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How was Crypto Code Created?

We discovered that the Crypto Code auto trading platform was created based on the idea of Mark Weston; he is a retired accountant and cryptocurrency trader. Weston had an idea to develop a system that could perform trades for users and quickly analyse the thousands of market signals in the cryptocurrency market. He leveraged his resources from a thriving accounting practice and trading to start Crypto Code.

Weston had been successfully trading Ethereum for many years; he worked with software engineers to design Crypto Code as a platform that could generate some of the most profitable market signals to trade Ethereum profitably.

How does the Crypto Code system work?

We carefully studied the pattern, and it is fantastic. We realized that the high success score we got after testing Crypto Code is due to the fact that the trading robots work quickly and have been developed based on the cryptocurrency trading pattern that Mark Weston has used to earn millions from the market over the years.

Basically, it is about buying the cryptocurrency at a low price and selling it when the price appreciates to make a profit.

After creating an account and making a deposit, the live trading feature can be activated. Next, the trading robots analyse the market signals to detect trading opportunities to make money. Once an opportunity is detected, the system places a trade for the user.

It is that easy; users can spend only about twenty minutes on the platform every day and earn a profit after the trading session for that day. There is no need to spend hours sitting in front of the computer studying the signals in the cryptocurrency market like we used to do a few months ago. All users can leverage the established settings on the platform to earn from the cryptocurrency market.

We had to ensure that the live trading system works and our results for the high success score on Crypto Code were accurate. To confirm these assessments, we created a new account and activated the system to perform 18 live trades for us; the outcome was excellent. In total, 14 of the transactions done by the trading robots were successful, and we earned a profit, only 4 transactions yielded a stalemate, no profit or loss because the rates remained stagnant. The trends in the cryptocurrency market changes per second; however, we had a fast system with Crypto Code that was able to match the market volatility and generate a profit on our test account.

Our live trading experience with Crypto Code was successful; we were happy to finally confirm that the platform can be used by everyone to start earning from the cryptocurrency market.

To help new users have a good first experience, we have written a detailed description of how to activate the live trading feature on Crypto Code.

If you are interested in knowing other auto trading platforms that work as efficiently as Crypto Code, please visit our website to read other reviews.

Step by step guide on using Crypto Code

Step 1: Creating a new Crypto Code account

Creating a new Crypto Code account

You can create a new account from the homepage, click on “Start Now” on the homepage to begin. A registration form will load on your screen; it requires information such as your name, email, and a phone number. You will also need to create a strong password. Click next to continue.

Step 2: Demo trading feature

Demo trading feature

After creating your new account, an email confirmation will be sent to the email address you provided. Next, you can get a better understanding of how the system trades with your funds by studying the demo feature. This is a copied version of the real trading platform; it works without the use of real money for trades, so there is no scare of losing your funds. The demo trade feature helps you understand how auto trading works.

To use it, click on the “Go to Demo” tab, located on the left side of your screen. The demo page will load, and you can activate a simulated trading process. Demo trades can be done with $1,500 as a deposit, but it is not real money. Next, set your stop loss range and click the green tab to begin auto trading. I am sure you will be impressed with the system.

Step 3: Make a deposit

Make a deposit

It is easy to make a deposit on Crypto Code because the platform offers multiple payment options. To proceed, click on the “Go to Live” tab, the live trading page will load on your screen. Next, click on “Deposit” you will see different payment options, select one to enter your card details or other information and click to continue. We were impressed with the deposit feature, we selected the MasterCard option, and our account was credited with the funds in a few minutes. When you see the balance of your Crypto Code account showing the funds you have deposited, you can start live trading.

Step 4: Live trading with Crypto Code

Live trading with Crypto Code

To begin live trading, you will need to set your stop loss, this is a feature that protects your funds, and the stop-loss sets a limit for trades on your account. Next, search for the “Auto Trading” tab on your screen and click “On” to activate the feature. If it is your first time, you can wait around to observe the process; however, you don’t need to stay with the system because the trading robots take over. At the end of your trading session, you should see a significant profit in your Crypto Code account under trades.

Is Crypto Code different from the rest?

We have had a wonderful experience testing the features of Crypto Code, and we can say it is one of the best auto trading software out there. Crypto Code is in the class of other excellent auto trading platforms such as Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Trader, and many others we have tested satisfactorily.

Here are some features that make Crypto Code stand out from the rest:

  • The platform is so easy to use, and they have a responsive customer support system
  • We tested the live trading feature and can confirm that Crypto Code has a significantly high success score
  • Payouts on the system is accurate, and withdrawal is processed within 24-hours
  • The demo feature helps new users understand how auto trading really works, the system is transparent, and there are no hidden fees.
best choise
The best choice
☑ Bitcoin Code is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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The Verdict:  Crypto Code is legit and one of the best auto trading platforms that exist

We can confidently say that everyone can earn a profit on the platform and you don’t need to know anything about trading cryptocurrencies to start. We are impressed with the interface and layout of the website, and all the features that facilitate quick trades work. Also, the developers have offered the app to everyone for a free download while it is at the Beta testing stage. Before testing the Crypto Code trading system, we ran some tests that revealed the platform has an impressive accuracy level regarding auto trades and a high success score on over 90% of the trades done on behalf of account holders. We confirmed these results by creating a new account, making a deposit and performing 18 live trades, 14 of which earned us a profit while only 4 had a stalemate.

The best part about the system is the low minimum balance needed to start live trades. We think the minimum deposit of $250 is reasonable, and more people can create a Crypto Code account to start earning a steady passive income.

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